Get Natural has been based in Frankenhardt, Hohenlohe, for almost two decades, but the company itself is a good ten years older.
The warehouse, office and its own tailoring shop are located in Frankenhardt-Hellmannshofen. Far beyond the small bioenergy village, there are tailoring shops at various locations in Germany, Hungary and a cooperation partner in Nepal. Both in the own tailoring, as well as with the partners, great importance is attached to fair production and distribution conditions.
Based on the demand on historical markets, the range of goods has expanded significantly over time and now includes fashion and textiles for people who value ecologically sound as well as fair production and distribution conditions.
Get Natural's assortment ranges from historical garments for women, men and children to sustainable fashion for everyday use and fashionable textile accessories.
The products are based on linen, virgin wool, cotton, brocade, felt and hemp, each of which is designated as sustainably produced.


All products are designed by Get Natural itself. The cuts for them are created and implemented in their own tailor shops. Get Natural remunerates its employees fairly and above the standard pay scale. The working conditions and wages at the cooperation partners are also fair and above the local wages. With its cooperation partners, Get Natural relies on small, owner-managed companies and tailor shops - or founds small tailor shops itself, which are managed according to its own qualitative standards.


Many fabrics processed by Get Natural have GOTS certification. All fabrics meet at least the OekoTex Standard 100 (This tests products at all stages of processing along the textile value chain for harmlessness to health and production sites for socially and environmentally compatible production conditions). This also applies to sewing thread, buttons and other accessories.Only textiles that do not contain harmful chemicals are produced and sold.


A high proportion of fabrics are processed from overproduction. Individual small series are often created from this special pool. Get Natural operates its workshop with green electricity from Green Planet Energy. The company headquarters is located in a bio-energy village in Baden-Württemberg.

Get Natural stands for a value chain that is as environmentally compatible as possible and for the protection of nature and people. Repackaging is avoided as far as possible. This applies not only to sales to the end consumer, but also to the individual production steps. We ship our goods exclusively CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen.


Get Natural produces mainly in Germany and cooperates with the Langenaltheim Youth Workshop, a vocational youth welfare facility. Its aim is to enable vocational and social integration for young people with special needs through its own workshops. With a range of work, training, qualification and socio-educational support and advice, the youth workshop offers a holistic concept and makes young people fit for working life.


Get Natural has been working with a tailoring company in Nepal for over 25 years, which has undergone certification for a FairTrade seal and has this re-certified regularly. Furthermore, a transparent production process is important to Get Natural. Regular discussions, factory visits and joint planning are an integral part of the cooperation.


Get Natural products are sold exclusively directly. There are no middlemen and no wholesale. The stalls sell the products mainly at historical markets, craft markets and themed festivals throughout Europe, such as Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (D), Medeltidsveckan Visby (SE), Butschebuerger Buergfest (LU), European Medieval Festival Horsens (DK) and many more.(Calendar).


Get Natural sees itself as a resource-saving and people-friendly textile manufacturer.